Wedding Cakes Tips from the experts you must know before you order your wedding cake

We got a few cake bake experts from the wedding planning industry to put together an inside scoop on how you can ensure that your get cake you want for your wedding, here are some of their valuable insights.

“You would want to check with your baker on how big their slices are. You may not require such large slices per person and thus you can serve the cake to a large number of people, especially when you are working on a budget”. Stella Hosking, Cake Creations by Karen, Panjim Goa

Go for cake flavours of your choice rather than picking an off-the shelf flavor, a flavor you and your fiancé would like to have on their big day. Often couples have many opinions thrown, just like every other aspect of their wedding planning, don’t listen to them! If a red velvet is what you choice is then go for it! A cake for this occasion need not be white!” – Leanne Leslie, Succulent Delights, Margao Goa

“Last minute changes, adjustments or add-on’s can get pretty expensive therefore ensure that you review your contract and discuss the details with the cake designer, preferably signed months in advance if not a few weeks.” – Rochelle Sanders, Cakes by Rochelle, Mapusa Goa

“Experienced designers will work around the budget you have in mind, so before you meet cake artist, work out a budget. If you have reference material, keep in mind that cakes with a lot detailing involve plenty of labor and will drive up the cost.”Tracy Allan, WW Events, Goa

“ Most venues offer the wedding cake along with the package. For some reason if you are not satisfied with the cake they offer, discuss what alternatives they offer if you choose to go with a cake designer of your own. Desserts is a good option you can explore or something of similar value instead.”- Paloma Collins, Sugar Stars, LLC, New York, NY

“Don’t let costing be the only deciding factor while you place your wedding cake order. You will find that there are several cake decorators that will help in keeping your costs low. You could begin your search by speaking to cake decorators that understand what you have in mind for the cake and which artist is able to grasp your ideas for it” – Lan Juliff, The Cake Diva, Panaji Goa

“There are several prices ranges you can choose from as wedding cakes have a ‘starting out price’, where the cake decorator has incorporated details and decorative elements as well. You can explore the options available on the different combination you can choose from. It is better not to assume the price for a certain cake designer and also discuss the combinations and the decorative elements they are available in.”– Vanessa Matamoros, Enchanting Cakes, Anjuna Goa

“Keep in mind the temperature on the day of the wedding. If the weather is too hot, buttercream and chocolate icing tend to melt while a coating of fondant will stay resilient no matter how hot it gets. “– Lori Harper, Classic Cakes by Lori, Verna Goa

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